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Dr. Berry is currently an instructor at the University of North Florida, teaching Professional Communications for Business. The current focus of her speaking circuit is Career Preparation in the Challenge of COVID, how to understand the new rules and package for the changing environment. Career Advice for individuals who need a job, who have a job they need to leave or want a promotion is customized and client-specific.  Her immediate writing interest revolves around the reform of higher ed that now has a revived sense of urgency, considering the survival of higher ed is now in question.


Her private consulting practice, Berry & Associates, serves clients across the major industries for companies, small to large-cap, for management training, team building, conflict resolution, crisis control, corporate audits, and employee recruitment and retention.

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Dr. Berry's currently researching, publishing, and speaking on Communication Trends in the 21st century, the impact and importance of social media, and personal branding. Other more pedagogical topics include educational reform, academic integrity, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a team-building tool, the Glass Ceiling for Women in Corporations, the Redesign of the Undergraduate Business Curriculum, and the reworking of the MBA program and other topics of current interest subjects.


She is passionate about the cause of Financial Literacy for women. Recently, she created a financial literacy curriculum along with Family Foundations that is currently serving corporate women in Jacksonville. Prior to that, she was a part of the Oxford Round Table Forum at St. Anne’s College, Oxford University in July 2009. She was one of forty presenters discussing Women’s Careers: "The Presumptions and Burdens of Proof", presenting in Oxford Union Hall where Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela have stood.