Fostering Spirituality in the Workplace

A Leader's Guide to Sustainability.

“The truth is in the story” and Dr. Berry has a fascinating story torelate. Here is a remarkable educator who recognizes the influence ofworld events, and has suggestions for adapting to a very different andchallenging environment. The author is highly sensitive to the dailychange in communications, and this should alert every reader. We mustawaken to reality.From losing our “moral compass” to finding our “global selves”, wetravel an amazing road with the author. Each chapter reveals our ownjourney, and we become sensitive to the fact we have concentrated onour mind and body, with little reference to our spirit. Here is a masterfuldescription of what has happened in our society. This authoraddresses this sensitive subject with brilliance.All of us learn from this amazing story, whether the reader is thecorporate leader or a business major in a college. The book is a great“read.”Dr. Francis B. Kinne

This book explores historical data, analyzes current events from the world stage, and delivers a worldview that challenges some existing paradigms in business. As we are living business history, the book draws from the epic economic, environmental, and cultural shifts in our collective consciousness. It begins a vital conversation by introducing some thought paradigms that will challenge current business practices, create a vision for the future, and provide a road map to navigate this uncharted territory. In the end, the author outlines specific action that you must take now to end the economic and moral decline in this first part of the 21st century.

"Priscilla Berry has combined her rich experience as a teacher with her excellent writing skills and exceptional grasp of the modern-day business world in the making of this book."

- Dr. Karen Moriarty

"Dr.Berry's book is a fascinating snapshot of the world today along with some practical solutions for charting our future. It is a must read for business leaders and MBA students as well as anyone else looking to broaden their worldview."

 - Amy Cavanaugh

"Dr. Berry has both an elegant mind with a master's command of the history and nuances of humanity and the facile mind of a modern day Quant when it comes to dealing with the complexities of modern day management and business problems "

-Ronald Lunde

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