Communications Consulting: A Practice Providing Professional and Customized Executive Training and Coaching

Presentation Skills

Priscilla Berry presents to groups small or large on topics, customized for the organization including corporate readiness and leadership.


January 9, 2012 || Radio Show Featured on WJCT's first coast connect hosted by Melissa Ross Talks about the European Soverign Debt Crisis.

Corporate Audits

Priscilla Berry audits individuals and groups to align strategies to improve communication, guide organizational growth, and determine best practices. 


Create Alignment for Leadership & Management with Communication.

Executive Coaching

Individualized professional development plans for executives


Customized evaluations of leadership and professional style

Speech Writing

When your voice needs to be loud and clear on an issue, when what you say will be heard by many, when judgments will be made about you, your character, and your company, I can write for you, and not with my words but with yours. 

Crisis Management


You are in a Crisis every day over brand or professional image, and you need a third eye that keeps you out of the weeds and on track. I can navigate for you and your company and address the crisis internally and externally.