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The most important brand you will ever work on - is your own!

Business is rapidly moving from Employee Organizations toward Networked Organizations. Network Organizations operate within a system of interdependent organizations for the purpose of achieving agreed-upon outcomes. If you do not work for a Networked Organization today, you probably will in the near future.

Networked Organizations are extremely demanding to manage. One of the critical changes in business management organization charts is the move from hierarchical structures to alliances. Command authority no longer works. What does?

The system's structure of Networked Organizations requires management that integrates values, skills, and diversity of cultures into a unity of action. Professionals and Executives will now have to continuously market themselves. A strong personal brand is the requisite for current and future success.

Ask yourself:

1. Where do you want to be on your company's talent grid?
2. What steps are you taking to learn how to manage your organization and to market yourself in a Networked Organization?

Remember, in your career, luck is simply the residue of planning and preparation.

- Dr. Priscilla Berry

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