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Communications Consulting: A Practice Providing Professional and Customized Executive Coaching and Management Training

Before commenting on what a great professional coach Dr. Berry is, let me first say what it actually means to BE a great coach. Coaches first seek to understand, before being understood. A great coach -of any kind- will thoughtfully ascertain your weaknesses and strengths, before building on innate and acquired talents, doing so compassionately but with rigor. A great coach fortifies confidence while being clear and direct. A great coach inspires through their own personal work while helping their clients become not what they would have them be, but what the client might imagine for themselves, then set out to become. Dr. Berry, by her example, through her wisdom, experience, expertise and desire to make a difference, epitomizes the best that can be found in a professional coach. Through her guidance, I have been fortunate enough in not only inscribing a clearer path towards my goals, but also in filling them more broadly with joy, a sense of abundance and gratitude. You can find plenty of coaches who purport to know all the answers. It’s rare to find one who will help you divine your true purpose. Dr. Berry is the latter.

Michael Forhez 
Vice President, Consumer & Retail Commerce, Domain Solutions & Consulting

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