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Stats from ResearchGate as of February 13, 2022, show overall reads of the publications and current statistics as 19,099. Top reads are "The Impact of Globalization and Technology on Teaching Business Communication" and "The Redesign of the Undergraduate Business Curriculum"

Student Attitudes on Academic Integrity Violations

The purpose of this study is to assess college students' perceptions on the level of seriousness of academic integrity violations.


Journal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC) Vol 5, No 1 (2008)

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Teaching Leadership in the EMBA: Where to Begin

An examination of the role of a corporate leader versus the role of a corporate manager makes clear the distinct differences. The lines are often blurred in a discussion of these executive levels of corporate governance, and individuals in the corporate settings often seek leadership roles without a clear understanding of what the leadership with the capital “L” entails. Leadership is not a venue for the many, but only for the few and requires more than management expertise.


A Primer for Accounting Certification

As a result of globalization and the growth and complexity of both domestic and international bodies requiring accountants, the need for highly sophisticated training and specific certification is mandatory. Students seeking career positions in the field of accounting are amazingly left without the easy access to certification that one might think would be readily available.


Redesign of the Undergraduate Business Curriculum

This article poses the process business model as one pattern for redesign and explores the implementation of this model with specific examples of pedagogical methods for the redesign of the undergraduate business curriculum. An example for implementation of the approach to include the experiential element which begins to breakdown silo teaching in a three-hundred level undergraduate Management class is included in the appendix.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This research focuses on college classes in business communications, the directed study of the MBTI, and the heterogeneous mix of type in teams necessary for high learning outcomes. Specific pedagogical directions are provided for two team-building projects in writing, research, and oral presentation to small groups, thus meeting multiple course objectives.

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The Impact of Globalization and Technology on Teaching Business Communication

This paper addresses how content and methods must be reframed and how professors must adopt a revised world view that aligns with a culturally diverse audience and a 24/7, communicative, free, and open environment. The power and force of said technology, specifically social-media communication, has the ability to alter the course of lives, communities, corporations, and countries and must be seen as an integral part of the business classroom.


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