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Align you and your corporation with best practices and move into the ever-changing landscape of high performance.

"The Way We Were" is not coming back. Global society has entered a new era that is irrefutable and irreversible. The Pandemic and the 5G network have changed the world as we know it. In an increasingly accelerated, complex, and disruptive environment, the future depends significantly on the problems we focus on and how well we use our Information, Systems & Technology, and Collective Intellect to solve them.

We must carefully analyze where we have been, where we are now, and where we must go to remain sustainable as institutions and as a viable force for good in the community and beyond.

My private consulting practice, Berry & Associates, serves clients across the major industries for companies, small to large-cap, for management training, team building, conflict resolution, crisis control, corporate audits, and employee recruitment and retention.


​“The truth is in the story” and Dr. Berry has a fascinating story to relate. Here is a remarkable educator who recognizes the influence of world events, and has suggestions for adapting to a very different and challenging environment. The author is highly sensitive to the daily change in communications, and this should alert every reader. We must awaken to reality. From losing our “moral compass” to finding our “global selves”, we travel an amazing road with the author. Each chapter reveals our own journey, and we become sensitive to the fact we have concentrated on our mind and body, with little reference to our spirit. Here is a masterful description of what has happened in our society. This author addresses this sensitive subject with brilliance. All of us learn from this amazing story, whether the reader is the corporate leader or a business major in a college. The book is a great read.

- Dr. Francis B. Kinne


What people say

"Priscilla Berry has many unique qualities that are beneficial to her clients. She has the ability to analyze big picture situations thus making those analyses work to the benefit of her clients. She has sharp skills in recognizing trends in our culture and the reasons those trends exist. Her direct manner of delivery often leads to many "aha!" moments for a corporation. Priscilla's recent presentation to the Women's Leadership Development Institute of ULI included not only instruction in business writing but also numerous other valuable lessons that relate to corporate culture. Listening to Priscilla speak can be a magical experience as she weaves poetry, literature, politics, and history into a discussion of a topic, thus making it appeal to audiences on a variety of levels. Priscilla's grasp of corporate structure and the many facets of management skill, combine to make her coaching and consulting efforts the key to success for her clients."

 - Rose Stack Bock, 

Principal at Rose S. Bock, Management Consultant

Florida Forum

T. Bonne Pickens, October 2019

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