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From Florida to wherever you are in the world and recognize a need for recalibration in your career or in your corporation. As a Career and Corporate Strategist, my company provides custom designed programs that incorporate an understanding of your Industry’ s placement in the macro environment, your corporation’s position in that space and your needs to operate in that environment and own that space.


Berry & Associates is a private practice dedicated and prepared to help your corporation and you align with best practices and move into the ever-changing landscape of high performance.


You must know the questions to ask before you can have the answers.  A Communication Audit for you and your Corporation would accomplish that and provide amazing insight.  A Third Eye provides the perspective that brings tangible results.


Executive Coach | Corporate Audits | Crisis Communication Expert | Speech Writer | Presentation Skills

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"The world may little note nor long remember what I say here, but I will remember always my role as a teacher and private consultant and how sacredly I hold that trust."
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